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Hi! Thank you for such site, its quick and cell phone friendly. But I can't find Backup Memo, if possible I will apreciate it very much if u can upload one for us. Thank you

Dear Penuel,

Thank you for your positive comments - always great to get that kind of feedback. I have checked the DoE's website for memo's for the backup papers and have only found 1 set which was listed under the November 2012 past papers.  I've added it to the list above.  You could query this with the DBE via their Facebook page: or email them on

pls try and design workbooks for grade 11 and 12 as well as they were so user friendly

Hi Zukiswa

For some of the grade 11 and 12 titles we have created control test workbooks. This comes as a free component when you purchase the Teacher's Guide.

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