New home schooling mom so may have a gazillion questions...

First of the lot is if anyone has a social sciences day to day lesson plan to assist me with. Using the platinum social sciences textbook but the content doesnt seem to be completely descriptive, any additional resources that you can refer me to?

Kind regards


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Hi Marcelle

Are you using the textbook in conjunction with the Teacher's Guide?

Hi Anthea, 

Thats the one teachers guide I cannot find... I've searched my heart out for it... perhaps I'm just in brain dead mode. Been alot to take in, but thank the heavens for forums like this.

I have it!!! Finally... thanks for the help!

Marcelle, you'll find the online version of the Teacher's Guide here:


To order the printed version please contact our orders department: pearsonza.orders@pearson.com or 021 532 6000

Hope this helps.

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