Pearson launches an app to support teachers

Teachers face many challenges on the digital learning journey

Technology is arriving into our classrooms at a pace that is often exceeding both infrastructure and teacher capabilities. While many teachers are eagerly taking charge of introducing technology into their classrooms, there are many more who require guidance, training and ongoing support in order to feel confident to make the change.

The sheer volume of available information, variety of technology tools and the explosion of digital resources and apps is enough to scare many teachers away. However, in crafting classrooms that support 21st century skills, there is a strong focus for teachers and schools to master the use of technology. There is an abundance of support material available to help teachers learn about technology, but all of this can be rather overwhelming and time-consuming to navigate.

Integrating technology into schools requires teachers to develop new skills. These include curating and evaluating content, analysing data, connecting with social media and sharing and collaborating. They are also expected to master the use of software and eLearning content and use a variety of tools and mobile devices. This calls for a different form of professional development. One that involves a process of change management, in-depth training and ongoing support to overcome challenges.

Overcoming challenges
As an established leader in content development, assessment and teacher training, Pearson delivers professional development courses through its Teacher Education & Leadership Academy. These courses equip teachers with the knowledge, insights and tools to address the challenges teachers face on the digital learning journey, while giving teachers the opportunity to earn SACE points. While Pearson recognises that the face-to-face component of training is invaluable, particularly when introducing new technologies, our market communicated that we needed to enhance the ongoing support element of our training.

Pearson launches an app to support teachers
In response to the need for ongoing support, Pearson has launched the MyPearson App – yes, another app! But this app provides teachers with training support materials, teaching resources and tools, industry news and articles, and much more.

Teachers can view course modules, get support materials and complete interactive assessments based on Pearson’s professional development courses. Another highlight of the app is that Foundation Phase teachers are able to view training videos, available in 5 official languages, on how to teach reading in the Foundation Phase, and download sample Vuma readers. Training material from partner providers, such as Microsoft Office 365 for Education is also available.

Get the support you need on your professional development journey with MyPearson App

Offering a blended learning approach allows Pearson to engage with teachers in multiple ways in order to compliment valuable face-to-face time, while providing support materials and communication through MyPearson App. The app offers teachers relevant benefits. They can access additional support materials applicable to their development needs, download classroom resources and read educational articles.

How to get started
1. Download the MyPearson App onto your mobile phone or tablet

2. Register your details and begin to explore.

Why not complete the survey ‘What kind of teacher are you?’ or click on the PD Courses tab to view the range of courses available.

To find out more about the MyPearson App, contact Pearson Customer Services
Tel: 021 532 6008

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