The value of Professional Development for teachers

Within an evolving learning environment where teachers are faced with an array of challenges, Pearson believes that opportunities should be created where teachers can gain the knowledge, insights and tools required to overcome the challenges they encounter.

Through its Maskew Miller Longman and Heinemann businesses, Pearson has trained over 100 000 teachers in South Africa and continues that professional development ethos through the newly established Teacher Education & Leadership AcademyThe benefits of professional development are numerous and a personal journey of growth for each teacher. Educators should be encouraged and supported to grow in their profession and reach their full potential.

Build confidence and proficiency in your teaching practice
The introduction of the new Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) in recent years has led to subsequent challenges for teachers. The Teacher Education & Leadership Academy understands the need to give teachers training to assist them with implementing the new curriculum as best as they can. The academy offers practical courses that range from how to implement CAPS in Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills in Grade R to exam preparation for Grade 12. Methodologies learnt can be replicated in the classroom to facilitate learners’ ability to grasp difficult concepts.

Enhance your teaching experience
As rewarding as teaching can be, it can become a routine task or a teacher may be confronted by obstacles that inhibit the learner from progressing, such as teaching a classroom of learners who speak different home languages.

The Teacher Education & Leadership Academy offers courses on teaching English First Additional Language to Young Learners and teaching Mathematics to Additional Language Learners. These courses provide a deeper knowledge on how to practically engage learners in such a way that they better understand concepts and the language needed to succeed. Teachers will learn new interactive techniques and how to use the resources they have at their disposal to make learning fun for learners.

Become a 21st century teacher
Digital education is changing the way teachers instruct and learners learn. We live in a technology driven society, yet for many teachers using technology in the classroom is daunting.

For teachers of the 21st century, it is vital to embrace technology and learn how it can be applied in education to engage and challenge learners. The Teacher Education & Leadership Academy offers twelve Information and Communications Technology (ICT) courses that focus on giving teachers the necessary skills and tools they’ll need to become completely confident with regards to utilising technology in the classroom.

Transform your school into a positive space for learning and teaching
Various factors could impede the functioning of a school, such as conflict management and clarity around roles. Professional development will allow school leaders to learn strategies and techniques needed to address many of the pain-points experienced by staff.

School Management offered by the academy will allow them to develop their leadership and management skills, learn how to implement support structures conducive to teaching, promote a culture of learning and ultimately, succeed in creating an optimally functioning school, with passionate and motivated staff, who will achieve great results.

Attending Pearson's Teacher Academy courses will further allow teachers an opportunity to collaborate with peers and share teaching methodologies and practices. It allows teachers to interact with one another, solve problems, learn new techniques, which should benefit their learners.

The Teacher Education & Leadership Academy offers seven training programmes designed to offer teachers hands-on, activity-based training that is practical and immediately applicable in the classroom.

To learn more about Pearson's Teacher Education & Leadership Academy visit or SMS ‘learn’ to 45346 and our professional development specialist will call you back. 

Please note: SMS cost R1:00. Bundles, free minutes/SMS and any other promotional rates do not apply.

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