Pearson is proud to launch their new series, the X-kit Achieve! Exam Practice Books,

ensuring no matter what a learners study needs are, they are exam-ready.

What are X-kit Achieve! Exam Practice Books?

papers and memos for additional exam practice.A range of books written by experienced teachers and examiners containing exam

X-kit Achieve! Exam Practice Books help learners prepare for exams by providing:

  • A bank of exam papers that are aligned to the latest National Exam Guidelines
  • Instruction words as used in the National Examination
  • Complete memos with mark allocations
  • Large, clear artwork

X-kit Achieve! Exam Practice Books are available in a wide range of subject areas for

Grades 10 – 12.

For a complete list please visit

To explore our range of X-kit Achieve! ebooks go to

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