This year, as part of our competition, we asked teachers what they do in the classroom to get the best results. 

The teaching tips below are just many submissions we've received over the past few months. If you have a teacher tip to share we encourage you to enter our competition, as we have over R500 000 in prizes to be won.

Reward good performance

I run competitions in the class. We have a class test every Friday to recap on the work we covered during the week, then the top achievers, usually the top three, receive a gift. Free lunch from the tuckshop or stationary. This is to encourage them to study and it makes learning fun.

Let learners take ownership

Allow learners to formulate their own groups and come up with their own presentation regarding topics in the textbook. It's so much fun.

Link prior knowledge to new information

I engage the learners to the topic of the day by asking them different questions about the topic to determine what they already know and link it with the existing knowledge. I let them explore themselves by using different resources including cellphones for internet & laptops to type their tasks & master their subject content.

Use movies to reinforce learning and engage learners

What I do is that every Friday after whole week of lessons I try and get a movie that will resonate with what we learnt. We watch that movie than have a dialogue with learners. I believe it is vital to create a platform for learners where they can feel free to talk about anything. That way learners will remember the lesson as they mostly contributed to it than me.

Promote critical thinking

To facilitate learner centered teaching approach I use simulations, think - pair & share and discrepant events. This promotes active learning and promotes critical thinking.

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