Uploading photos and videos

Upload photos and videos (preferably relating to education related activities in your class, workshops, and photos that will be of interest to the rest of the community!) Our Network also allows you to import photos from Flickr and videos from YouTube PLUS you can even send photos and videos straight from your cell phone to the network.

  • Upload Photos
    You can add your own photos: Go to My Page and click on Photos on left hand side of page
    Click on Add; select your photos and Upload
    Optional but important: Add a title, description, and other information to the photos you just uploaded. A photo out of context is of no real interest to any one even a good title will be great!
    Remember to TAG your photos to make it easier for everybody to find. e.g. "CAPS Workshop", “foundation phase”, mathematics
    Bind more than 1 word together with "..." and separate different tags with a comma.
  • Creating albums to organise your photos.
    Just click on My Albums on the top.
    Click on Add and drag either your photos or other members photos into your album

To view other people's photos, just go to their page (or the photo tab at the top) and click on "view photos

  • Upload Videos
    To add your own photos: Go to Videos
    Click on Add; select your videos and Upload
    Once again please do not forget to provide information about your video and tag it with relevant keywords.

Important: If the content you are uploading is not your own please give credit to the creator by including their details.

Get commenting
Comments are a form of communication. It is a quick way to leave a message for someone. Comments can be viewed by everyone going to a meber's page, photos, videos, etc, 
  • Just click on their name (that will take you to their page)

  • Scroll down to their comment wall and post a comment. If they have chosen to be notified by e-mail of comments and posts, they will get notification, click back to their page and go and read the message that you have left there on their page.

  • If they now reply to your comment (on their page), the comment will appear on your page.

A note about Comments: They are not meant to follow on one another (but you can view them in a threaded fashion). A better way to have a chronological conversation is to start a discussion.

Writing a blog
A blog is an online web journal but it can be used for SOOO much more!

  • You can post:
    --> Arrangements for a meeting
    --> How I teach
    --> Homework / project assignment for us to look at
    --> An issue that you are having in your class
  • Use it as a place to organise your links e.g. a workshop with links to websites, homework assignments/ discussions
  • You can also embed videos, slideshows and photos in your blog
Starting a discussion
  • If you want a chronological discussion, use the discussion feature.
  • People can then reply to your discussion/topic by hitting Reply and the whole discussion can then be read in chronological, threaded order.
  • If a discussion takes place in a private group, only the members will be able to reply and read the discussion.
  • If the discussion takes place in a public group, everybody can still read it, but you can only reply once you have joined the group.
  • Discussions that take place in groups are not reflected on the activity spaces.

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