Letterland.com Resources for July 2012 - Resources featured in the Letterland July 2012 Newsletter.


Activity: Red Robot's Rhymes and Riddles

Tongue twisters and rhymes are a good way of playing with language while developing vocabulary and phonemic awareness. Download this free worksheet, then see if you can make up any of your own rhymes or riddles together. 

Free download: Red Robot's Rhymes and Riddles.

Teaching Tricks: The Rhyming Words Trick

The Rhyming Words Trick helps children to spell and read by analogy. Rhyming helps children recognise patterns in spelling while helping to develop listening skills and allowing children to anticipate word endings.

Free download: Letterland Tricks: The Rhyming Words Trick

Tiny Tip: The King Ball's Kicking Game

Show the children how to use old newspapers or plastic bags to make balls to play games with. You could take turns trying to kick the balls into a tray or wide box. See how many balls are in the box and practise counting 1,2,3,4….

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