Letterland.com Resources for June 2012 - Resources featured in the Letterland June 2012 Newsletter.


Activity: Noisy Nick's Nest Game

Noisy Nick has noticed that all the eggs have fallen out of a nearby bird's nest. Download this free game and help Nick to gather the eggs while developing your child's number skills. 

Free download: Noisy Nick's Nest Game.

: Sit, nip!

Reading together is a good way to encourage your child to enjoy books. Download this free story and try reading it out loud first. It helps to give your child confidence if they are familiar with the content of the story before they try to read any of the words themselves. There are plenty more stories like this in Letterland Stories - Level 2. Download the sample story here.

Teaching Tricks: The Slow Speak Trick

The Slow-Speak Trick helps children to break up spoken words into their individual phonemes, in order to aid spelling.

Free download:Letterland Tricks: The Slow Speak Trick

Tiny Tip: Jumping Jim's Junk Box

Label a 'Junk Box' and encourage everyone to collect oddments to add to it. Use it for
junk modelling and create some wonderful sculptures, as well as to promote recycling awareness.

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