Letterland.com Resources for May 2012 - Resources featured in the Letterland May 2012 Newsletter.


Activity: Focus on Sound

Encourage your child to listen to the different sounds that make up words. Careful listening is an important skill for successful reading and spelling. Download this free two page activity and practice this skill with Golden Girl's 'g...' sound. Free download: Golden Girl's Sound Activity.

NEW IN: Dippy Duck's Day of Discovery

Dippy Duck is showing one of her ducklings around Letterland on a day of discovery, but Dippy's duckling keeps disappearing! Can you spot the missing duckling in any of the thirteen detailed scenes? Featuring all the Letterland characters, every scene also has plenty of things to find that begin with each sound of the alphabet. Download the free sample page, read the rhyme and then see how many things from the list you can find.

Teaching Tricks: The Rollercoaster Trick

The next installment of our monthly 'teaching tricks' is here, the Rollercoaster Trick: The Rollercoaster Trick is a multi-sensory strategy to help children to blend sounds together all through a word, so the word becomes meaningful.

Free download:Letterland Tricks: The Rollercoaster Trick


Tiny Tip: Golden Girl's Gorgeous Garden Picture

Help the children create a 'gorgeous garden' picture by filling a large piece of paper from edge to edge with drawings of flowers, leaves and trees. Add pictures of flowers cut from magazines or seed catalogues and you'll have a colourful reminder of the living world on the classroom wall.

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