This year, as part of our competition, we asked teachers what they do in the classroom to get the best results. 

The teaching tips below are just many submissions we've received over the past few months. If you have a teacher tip to share we encourage you to enter our competition, as we have over R500 000 in prizes to be won.

Tip 1: The Golden Chair

Is where I get to draw a learners name for the week who gets to sit on the Golden Chair. The learner is the class leader for the week and also gets to be pampered.This encourages the learners, improves social skills ,builds confidence and teaches responsibility. A motivated and happy learner always tries their best.  Veld en Vlei Primary School

Tip 2: Finding prior knowledge

Start the lesson from the learners point of view, not only does it get prior knowledge but it excite them to discover that the lesson is something they know and is relevant in their lives. For example, if I teach about poetry I ask the songs they like and they give me the lyrics then we write them on the board. Then we discover figures of speech used in them.
Moduopo Primary School

Tip 3: Allow learners to discover solutions

I allow my learners to discover the solution for themselves for a particular problem that they encounter. Give them time to think about it and report it back to the classroom and as their teacher I guide them to a right path or channel.  Ferdinand Primary School

Tip 4: Managing a Grade one class

With Grade Ones, it is always challenging when it comes to discipline but my methods are allowing learners to explore themselves in terms of giving them a chance to express themselves by thinking and speaking to the class every day for about 5-10 minutes. In this way, it helps the learners to express and speak about with their minds have in it. Another way is allowing learners to learn through play, which is one of the most necessary phase in a child's life.  Everest Primary School

Tip 5: Gold Stickers

When my learners collect 10 gold stickers, I give them a special colouring picture and write a letter at the back. This way they feel the love and know how proud I am!
IR Griffith Primary School

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I think the GOLDEN CHAIR tip is fantastic. I'm going to try this

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