X-kit Achieve

X-kit Achieve supports high school learners to reach their goals and achieve the best results they possibly can.

Written by expert teachers, X-kit Achieve offers a wide range of study resources to make learning, understanding, revising and practising for tests and exams easy.

Our quality content helps learners understand concepts step-by-step. Structured questions and exercises with answers enable learners to practise, assess and improve their skills.

Help learners approach their tests and exams with confidence. Explore our X-kit Achieve range.

Study Guides for Grade 8 to 12

X-kit Achieve Study Guides are a reliable resource for learning and revising, and preparing learners for tests and exams.

  • Content is organised into units according to CAPS.
  • Clear, step-by-step explanations help learners understand concepts.
  • Worked examples, summary tables, highlighted keywords and definitions, and annotated diagrams enhance learners' understanding.
  • Learners can practice, assess and improve their skills with graded exercises and answers.

Exam Practice Books for Grade 10 to 12

X-kit Achieve Exam Practice Books focus on preparing learners to write exams.

  • Follows the National Examinations Guidelines that learners become familiar with the exam paper format.
  • CAPS-compliant exam papers with instruction words as in the National Examination Guidelines build learners confidence to approach exams.
  • Complete memos with mark allocations help learners assess and improve their skills.

Workbooks for Grade 8 to 9

The X-kit Achieve Workbook enables Grade 8 and 9 learners to practise and apply their skills, improving their results.

  • Filled with step-by-step explanations, and worked examples and solutions to help learners understand concepts.
  • Plenty of practice questions with answers to consolidate learning.
  • Learners answer questions directly in the workbook.

Literature Study Guides for Grade 10 to 12

X-kit Achieve Literature Study Guides make nationally prescribed novels, dramas, poetry and short stories accessible to learners.

  • Themes, plots and characters thoroughly taught and tested.
  • Provide insight into the context and analyses of themes.
  • Diagrams summarise important content.
  • Stimulating exercises encourage learners to revise and understand material.
  • Exam questions provide practice and includes specific guidelines for writing the exam.

Click here to view a full list of titles available.

X-kit Achieve Mobile

X-kit Achieve Mobile is our digital learning, revision and practice tool that allows learners to prpare for tests and exams on their cellphones.

  • Essential theory for revision is provided in bite size chunks.
  • Learners complete quizzes with helpful hints and worked solutions.
  • They collect badges and competing against their friends to master each topic.  

Read more about you can engage learners and help them improve their results with X-kit Achieve Mobile here.

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