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What are CAPS?

What are CAPS?

CAPS cover what should be taught and how it should be assessed.  This is covered grade by grade within a specific subject.

Information regarding what should be taught includes:

  • the content for each grade
  • the break-up of topics into teaching terms and weeks.

Prescribed assessment includes:

  • formal assessment requirements per term
  • examination information.



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Teacher thank you gifts - what you wish parents knew

The end of the Fourth term is rapidly approaching. Exams have drawn to a close, report cards are being put together and you're possibly planning a class party to celebrate the end of the 2016 school year.…


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A sneak peak at Vuma Interactive - our Foundation Phase digital reading programme

Children are being introduced to technology earlier and earlier in their lives. So how do you, as a Foundation Phase teacher,…


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A celebration of literature and young South African talent

English Alive 50

For 50 years, high school learners across South Africa have contributed to the South African Council for English Education's annual anthology, English Alive.

Each year learners are encouraged to submit their written work for consideration for publication. It is not a writing competition in the sense that cheques or trophies are handed out for…


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Approach Maths from a fresh angle

Make teaching and learning geometry fun

It is no secret that learning Maths is considered hard and teachers try different teaching methods and programmes to make learners understand Mathematical concepts, sometimes with success…


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Educational app: Pearson Launches X-kit Achieve Mobile on Google PlayStore

Pearson understands that most learners today are immersed in the digital environment, so we developed a learning tool that meets them where they…


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Pearson launches an app to support teachers

Teachers face many challenges on the digital learning journey…


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Interactive eBooks: Maths workbooks for Grades 1 - 7

Introducing interactive Mathematics eBooks for Grades 1 – 7

To help learners develop a clear and confident understanding of Mathematics, we've adapted a selection of our favourite Maths resources into interactive eBooks.

Learners are now able to:

  • Work-out and answer questions directly into their ebooks.
  • Self-marking allows…

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Pearson introduces Platinum English Home Language for Grade 10


English Home Language Grade 10…


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..if you can... then South Africa is waiting for you to show up in the Classroom

What do you do with a class of 42 mixed ability boys and girls with every conceivable diversity of background make-up? Those who have no clue whatsoever as to why they are in class...some have very low comprehension of English as the Language of instruction, others want to disrupt every effort you make to help them learn. Some will be present at school but absent from your period. Others will be present but they left their books at home. Some will be somewhere between recovering from a dose…


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Finding ways of improving results in Maths and Physical Sciences

“I know that there’s a problem with Maths and Science, but I’m not sure how to address it – it’s so complex!”

This refrain is often heard when teachers talk about Maths and Physical Sciences.

A snapshot of Maths and Physical Sciences

Despite increases in the number…


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The value of Professional Development for teachers

Within an evolving learning environment where teachers are faced with an array of challenges, Pearson believes that opportunities should be created where teachers can gain the knowledge, insights and tools required to overcome the challenges they encounter.

Through its Maskew Miller Longman and Heinemann businesses,…


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Teacher and School of the Year awards – could you be the winner?

Pearson are really pleased to be sponsoring the second annual 21st Century Learning International Teacher and School of the Year Awards. These international awards are designed to promote best practice in the use of technology in supporting learning and teaching in 21st Century…


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Grade 10 Teacher's Guides - Online versions

Maskew Miller Longman have made available digital versions of a selection of Teacher's Guides of our approved CAPS courses so that you can view the entire guide online.

Click to view folder with all the Teacher's Guides or click on a specific Teacher's Guide below.

Tip: View the Teacher's Guide…


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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Worksheets

Free CAPS-aligned Worksheets.


In collaboration with VideoVision Entertainment, the producers of Mandela: Long Walk to FreedomPearson has created worksheets based on the film that are CAPS-aligned and support the relevant content for the Social Sciences, History and English Language curricula.…


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2014 Maskew Miller Longman Literature Awards - Drama

Pearson proudly announces the Maskew Miller Longman Literature Awards of 2014

Pearson is proud to call for entries to the eighth annual Maskew Miller Longman Literature Awards.



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Grade 7 Teaching Plans (CAPS)

Pearson have created editable Teaching Plans to assist with your planning for the 2014 school year.


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Grade 12 English FAL Listening Texts

The texts for listening comprehensions and other Listening and Speaking activities and Formal Assessment Tasks are provided here for your convenience.

The same texts are printed in the English FAL Teacher’s Guides. The Teacher’s Guide gives full guidelines for each Listening and Speaking activity in the Teaching Plan.

Download the listening texts for your…


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Grade 12 Teacher's Guides - Online Version


View our approved Platinum and Focus Grade 12 Teacher's Guides online!

View the digital versions of our CAPS compliant grade 12 teacher's guides.  These teacher's guides are just one of the components of our approved CAPS…


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Wondering why our branding features both Heinemann and MML logos?

Heinemann and Maskew Miller Longman are a part of Pearson, the world's leading learning…


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