Educational app: Pearson Launches X-kit Achieve Mobile on Google PlayStore

Pearson understands that most learners today are immersed in the digital environment, so we developed a learning tool that meets them where they are most comfortable... on their phones.

X-kit Achieve Mobile helps learners prepare for tests and exams anywhere, anytime on their mobile phones and tablets.

X-kit Achieve Mobile now available on Google PlayStore

X-kit Achieve Mobile has been available as a mobisite since 2014 but has launched an Android app version of its successful X-kit Achieve Mobile product.

The Android version offers the same features as the website: levelled quizzes, essential theory, helpful hints and worked examples.

To read more about the unique benefits to learners and teachers, click here.

An additional and crucial feature of the app is the ability to work offline, which was a constant request from the existing X-kit Achieve Mobile user base.

CAPS-aligned mobile learning

When using X-kit Achieve Mobile, learners progress through difficulty levels as they move up the leaderboard to master status.

The three levels learners progress through are:

  • Know your basics
  • Apply your skills
  • Master your topic

Each level consists of quizzes structured according to cognitive levels, as per requirements in CAPS. There are currently 18 subjects available across Grades 8 to 12. When learners register, they receive a free topic of any of the subjects available in their grade.

Bring the benefits of mobile learning into your classroom

X-kit Achieve Mobile for schools makes it easy and cost effective for teachers to bring the benefits of mobile learning into their classroom.

X-kit Achieve Mobile can be used by teachers to assign quizzes for homework and provide learners with additional support and exam preparation. Quizzes are automatically marked and reports generated can be used as evidence of formative assessment.

Teachers will get access to a teacher dashboard from which to manage their classes, assign quizzes and view results to inform classroom teaching.


X-kit Achieve Mobile has potential to improve results

To provide their Grade 8 learners with enough opportunities to practise Mathematics, a public high school in Gauteng decided to implement X-kit Achieve Mobile in all their Grade 8 classes in 2015.  

During the implementation, teachers found that struggling learners seemed to benefit the most, showing a great improvement in performance. A significant 15% increase was seen in the average mark.

“X-kit Achieve Mobile has given more of my learners the confidence to start engaging in classroom discussions about Mathematics content.” 

   - Teacher using X-kit Achieve Mobile in her classroom

Furthermore, 85% of the learners found X-kit Achieve Mobile useful, helpful, challenging and stimulating.

"I think it [X-kit Achieve Mobile] can really help us to move onto the next grade because it gives us clear explanations… You can go into it and read the theory and then remember what you need to know for the exams."

   - Grade 8 learner using X-kit Achieve Mobile in class



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